Group 1

Title: Sermon Discussion

Description: Join us for great food and fellowship while we discuss and take a deeper look into Pastor Todd’s current Sunday sermon series. 

Meets: Weekly- Sunday 6:00pm 

Location: Elberta 

Childcare: Yes 

Max. Number of children: 8

Max. Number of Adults: 20

Group 2

Title: Stepping out into recovery

Description: Coming out of addiction, starting over with Christ. This group is all about helping the hurting move beyond their wounds to experience the healing and liberty of Christ

Meets: Weekly- Tuesday 6:30pm

Location: Foley

Childcare: No

Max. Number of Adults: 15

Requirements: None

Group 3

Title: Boundaries

Description: We are going to learn how to recognize and establish healthy boundaries, and learn how to deal with issues such as disappointing other, saying no, and overcoming fear and guilt.

 Meets: Weekly - Wednesday 6:00 pm

Location: Gulf Shores 

Childcare: Yes

Max. Number of Adults: 20

Group 4

Title: Taco Thursday

Description: Come out to Santa Fe Mexican Grill for $.99 Taco Night with purchase of drink. We will eat and discuss current Sunday sermon series.  

Meets: Bi- Weekly- Thursday 6:00

Location: Santa Fe Mexican Grill; 2200E 2nd Street Gulf Shores

Childcare: Children welcome to come. 

Max. Number of Adults: unlimited

Group 5

Title: The Path to the Cross

Description: Our group will journey through the series“The Path to the Cross” with Ray Vanderlaan each week followed by discussion. 

Meets: Bi-Weekly - Thursday 5:30 pm

Location: Foley 

Childcare: Yes

Max. Number of Children: No

Max. Number of Adults: 15

Group 6

Title: Chicks with Kicks

Description: Come out for 45 minutes of walking/running and devotion.

Meets: Weekly- Wednesday 6:45 AM or 5:00 PM

Location: Foley Heritage Park

Childcare: Children in strollers welcome.

Max. Number of Adults: 30

Requirements: Women Only

Group 7

Title: Food, Fun, and Prayer

Description: Come join us for a study and potluck on “Fervent: A woman’s battle plan for serious, specific, and strategic prayer.” We will discover our prayer closet, and prayer action guide to practical purposeful prayer. 

Meets: Weekly - Saturday 4:00pm 

Location: Foley

Childcare: No

Max. Number of Adults: 18

Requirements: Women Only

Group 8

Title: Experiencing God

Description: Join us as we take a deeper look into knowing and doing the will of God. When you recognize where God is working, you can join Him in what he is doing. 

Meets: Weekly- Monday 6:00pm

Location: Foley 

Childcare: Yes

Max. Number of Children: 6

Max. Number of Adults: 20

Requirements: None


Title: Men's Breakfast

Description: Men, join us at Cracker Barrel for $6.99 breakfast and coffee. We will hang out, eat, and have a time of devotion.

Meets: Weekly - Thursday 6:00am 

Location: Foley

Childcare: No

Max. Number of Adults: 30

Requirements: Men Only


Title: Young Adult

Description: Come connect with other young adults as we go through Craig Groeschel's study: Soul Detox; clean living in a contaminated world.

Meets: Weekly - Wednesday 6:00pm 

Location: Foley

Childcare: Yes

Max. Number of Adults: 20

Requirements: None